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caddygene_2000 ~ Gene Mersinger






Member Since Monday 6 August 2001






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(Gene's wife)

Thank-you so much.


Gene enjoyed playing a lot, and he enjoyed the fellowship he had with everyone.  He was just as sweet and wonderful in his daily interactions with everyone as he was on the internet.  He loved competitions, and he loved to win, but he told me many times that there's a big difference between a good loser and a sore loser, and he'd rather be a good loser than a sore one any day!  He did not believe in treating anyone hurtfully and even when playing various games on-line, he would remain a gentleman to those who weren't quite blessed with kindness.




(Gene's son)

Howdy Trish and all Gene's Domino buds,


Wow!  Let me spell that backwards, Wow!  What kind and loving words you have said about a man that I love.  My father always talked about all you guys and gals.  He truly loved playing dominoes with you all and we kindly called him Gene Gene the Domino Machine. 


All the words that have been said about my father are so wonderful.  That was one of his favorite words (Wonderful).  We always knew he was playing dominoes or running a tournament when we would call to talk with him and he did not have a whole lot to say.  That was a clue to visit with him later when he was done playing.  He really was passionate about the game of dominoes and would always talk about playing with you guys. 


Thank you all for the kind words that you have said about a man that will be missed until we get to see him in Heaven.  I hope you will personally meet my Father in Heaven (God) and my father in Heaven (Gene).



Cindy Farley

(Gene's sister)

Oh my, thanks to ALL of Gene's Domino friends for the extra special tribute.


You are all truly great friends of my brother, and I'm sure he will never forget you.  And as one person said, he's probably already formed a domino league in heaven!  Thanks for all your kind words and your love for Gene.

His sis, Cindy


Dear Gene,

I didn't play for long time in our league, so I didn't know that you were sick.  I was shocked to hear the news of your death.  You are in a better place now, and from there you can see how upset are all your friends, all people who know you, because you were a special guy.  Your spirit touched our hearts and has found a place there forever.  I am sure you will organize quickly a domino league there where you are and you will be great there too.  My thoughts and prayers are with your family because I am sure they can’t understand your quick disappearance too easy.




He was a great man n feared in doms by me lol cuz he whupped me all time.


I'd like to tell his family that Gene is still here with us where ever they r he will be.




I just wanna say I will miss Gene.


Gene was so nice and a very hard dominoes person to beat.


I am given pain very many for the loss of our beloved friend Gene.  I introduce to the family and you of the alloy mine condolences.


Gene was a full person of delicacies and attentions for all and I wanted to it well.


Gene, you were a true gentleman at the tables - you will be missed greatly.




I'm sorry to hear about Gene I was upset when I got told.  I'm thinking about his family at this sad time.  I had loads great laughs chats & games with Gene.


I'm so sorry to hear...  he was a great guy!!


To Gene’s family ............I shall always remember your Gene as a gentleman, a fun person to play Doms with, always friendly and polite.  He will be sorely missed by many!  If angels play dominoes he will be number "one" in heavens league.


Sherilyn / Hummy


I have known you for many years and you have always been a great person either playing or talking to in the lobby.  You are surely going to be missed by everyone in the Yahoo community whom you have come into contact with.  I pray for strength for your family and friends who are having a hard time coping and pray that GOD will see them through.  I will see you again because I know that you are in heaven like you truly deserve.  GOD blessed you Gene for all the joy you have brought to so many.


Prayers for ur family.  God bless, miss u Gene


Although I only played with u a few times and don't know much about u, what I all know is u r a great player, the most games played player (until now) and 1 of the most respective player in here, I always wonder why u don't show up frequently lately and today I received Trish's email I was so sad for real, u r funny and humorous and we will remember u as our true friend forever.  Gene's

family member don't be too sad I am sure God and Jesus will love him and with him forever.  God bless u Gene.




Gene you once told me that you would have liked to come for a few days where have lived your French ancestors.  You didn't have the time to do so but i hope that wherever you are your wish will come true.  You were an admirable person and we'll miss you.


This league has lost the best friendliest person I have ever had the pleasure of playing on the internet in any game.  I played him many times I chatted lots of times on voice with others and it always was fun and laughter.  It hurts me to know that I will never have the pleasure of playing this great man ever again.






Tears will be shed all over the world at your passing Gene.  Always remembered for your Greatness in all aspects of life.  An example to all.  My condolences to your family Gene.


Thinking of Gene a few things cross my mind:

- Friend


Gene was a real friend to whoever was nice and honest.  Even tho he was a relatively quiet guy ..  he always did the right things to let u know he supporting u!!

- Real Winner


Whatever he was doing he always wanted to be good at it.  At one stage we started to play pool ...  I met him there and in a few weeks time we started to beat ppl.  I could sense that he loved beating ppl hahahahha.  But what defines winner is the ability to be a sportsman when u lose and he was excellent at that too.  For me it became clear after a year or so that he was the king in dominoes....  even tho some think they could come close to him (hahahaha NOT)


- Illness


One day i got this message that he was ill and since then the contact between us slowly went down.  Its funny that even tho I never seen or spoke him in real life that u can sense how he was doing.  He stayed strong even tho he was sick and when he was doing a little better we where all very happy that he came back.  I could go on bout what we had ....  but i guess i leave it at this.


Thanks Gene for the good times ...  We had a blast !!


What can i add to what has already been said, Gene, the "undisputed daddy" of all domino players, you left us way too soon my friend.


My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


Your friend,




I hate to see someone that is a joy to all go.  My thoughts go out to his family.


As I sit, I remember the soap flips, the laughter, the pairings saying caddygene vs … groan but u played the best and you still do.  May the dominoes in heaven be always yahoo free, may the casinos be fun, the food fine and the cigars savoury.  We prayed and played together, may it not stop.


Gene I'm going to miss you bud.  We been playing dominoes around 6 years.  See you lata bud.


Your Oklahoma bud Jamie


Gene was one of the best players here, he respected everyone, and he will be dearly missed.


Rest in peace Gene, I'll never forget ur domino talent.


Gene will be missed -- for all those that didn't know him, you truly missed out on a great guy with a sense of humor.  I remember saying hi to him in lobby saying "Hi Gene" he would say Yup! take a bath every day.  lol (hygiene)  I will miss his " Howdy Jo "  I will miss Mean Gene -- what I used to call him when he beat me all the time Ha Ha.  We were all very lucky to have known him and are blessed with our memories of a true gentleman.


Gene was a special person.  He will be remembered for his gentle manner, his understanding, his helpfulness, his jokes, his laughter, his loyalty, his sportsmanship, his faith, his tenderness.  Gene, you brought a lot of joy into my life.  You were always there for me with tender words of support when I was feeling down.  You always saw the best there was in me and showed me how to see the best in others.  You were my inspiration and I will cherish the love you showed to me.


Those who bloom in the heart of others never fade away .... find strength and comfort in your memories.


God bless you and your family, rest in peace.


Gene you will be never forgotten.  You were one of the world’s true gentlemen, also the most awesome dominoes players I have ever met.


Rest in peace.


God bless you and your family.


Words won't express what kind of a man Gene was.  A gentleman in every sense of the word.  Always there to lend a helping hand or to listen.  My heart goes out to his family.  I sang this song at 2 funerals this year.  Its a song about true men who are deemed soldiers by the life they lead and the morals and honor they live and die with.  I'm sending this portion out to Gene and his family.


His eyes were tired and weary,
His voice was quiet and low,
His sword was worn from battle,
And his steps had gotten slow. 

But he used to walk on water,
Or it seemed that way to me,
I know he won some battles,
And never left his knees. 

Strike up the band,
Assemble the choir,
Another soldier's coming home.
Another warrior hears the call,
He battled for so long.
He'll battle no more,
He's won his war,
Make sure heavens table,
Has room for at least one more,
Sing a welcome song, Another soldier's coming home....


Rest well Gene, and prayers to your family in this time of loss.






Will miss you dearly.....Your kindness, caring gentle ways....In your doms games and in a conversations you were such a  gentleman.....So hard to type this, so hard to believe that your really gone but Gene you will neva be gone from the hearts of us who knew you....God had taken you HOME TO HEAVEN, to a place where there's no pain.....Walking hand in hand with him and now sheltered from the rain....You are safely home at last in a place where there's no nite ..... Walking streets of purest gold and embracing heavens light  ......  God knows when we need him...  He hears our caring prayers And through our faith He gives us strength....Will

miss your friendship.


Rest in peace my friend....kAy XxX


Gene, was one of the first ones to help me along with my dominoes game, he was the first one to ask me, if I wanted some pointers, when I first came to this league.  I was very upset to hear about his passing, I too considered Gene a friend.  I will miss you Gene.




I can only repeat what's been said.  Gene was a true gentleman, a great doms player, and loved his family and friends.  I hope your at rest and peace now Gene.  My prayers are with your family who will miss you so much.  He only takes the best.


Karen xx


Gene and I go way back from the early days of myleague/everyone.  Gene was always a kind person and good friend.  It's sad to hear that he passed away but I know he is in a better place now in heaven.  I pay my respect to a great man.  God bless your family.


God if their was a true ambassador for this league you prolly wont find a better candidate that Gene.  He was here for this league when it all started and was one of the nicest guys u could ever talk to in the lobby or during a game.  He had all the respect of the world for everyone that was part of this league.  He never got involved in arguments and he definitely never started any himself.  He prolly won more tourneys than most of the newer players have won games and when it came to pard tourneys their was never a deadlier team to beat than our good friend Gene and his always trusting pard Trish.  Gene u were a great man and I'm happy to say I got to know u and considered u as a friend in this league.  I hope u rest in peace Gene and from me and some of the older players of the league we will miss u dearly my friend.  God Bless you and your family during this difficult time.


A toast to you, Gene ..  A great player but most of all an amazing person ..  Thank you for enriching us with your presence.


Hold ur head up cuz god knows best.  I'm going to keep the family in prayer..


My thoughts are with ya Gene ~ rest in peace my friend


Hi Gene


You will be always remember by me as a great person and a great doms player, a lot look up to you including me, always be afraid to play you, and when you look down on us from heaven when we are playing , give us some hints pls.  Rest in peace Gene.




I can’t imagine that I will never say hi “Geeeennnneeeeeee” in femur again.  Maybe my English doesn’t help me in writing what I feel …but I’m sure, my emotions reached you since first moment I knew about that sad news.  We meet people here without knowing their names, appearances or even listening to their voices.  But they draw a lovely picture of them in our hearts which remains as an eternal imprint nothing can remove it.  Gene, You are one of those rare persons in my life.  We played together , we were in the same site  ….  Today u r still there … I really can feel your soul surrounding us.  We love you … and God loves you.  Rest in peace my dear brother …I pray for ur family to be patient.




Gene you will be, and always be in my heart, because you always be my friend the best dominoes player in femur, I am praying for your soul and your family.  You are in a better place now, with God.


Maybe when the tears clear from my eyes, I'll be able to see the screen enough to type something.  What to say that hasn't been said already, not yet been said, or will continue to be said?  Gene, I know you're watching us from a much better place now.  You definitely will never be forgotten.  You'll always be loved by everyone here, and for sure missed by all.


On a doms note, I only wish I was half as good a player that you are/were.  We love you Gene.  I hope to meet u someday for 1 final game.




Gene was a very polite well spoken man who always had a kind word and a big heart.  He will be missed.  His memory will live on forever.  Condolences to his family.


God's Garden


God looked around His garden
And found an empty place. 
He then looked down upon the earth,
And saw your tired face. 
He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest. 
God's garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best. 
He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again. 
He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hills were hard to climb. 
So He closed your weary eyelids,
And whispered "Peace be thine."
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.


I can't say anything but only that I knew Gene since the league was established.  He was a great person with a kind heart and never hurt anyone.


Just to say hope God would rest his soul and god bless his family.


Never forgotten.  Rest in peace.  Thoughts with Gene’s family.  Always such a kind well mannered gentleman and a kik #*^ doms player EVA.


Luv ya Gene xx


My prayers and thoughts are with Gene and his family.


Some of the more recent members will not know Gene but he was one of the founder members of this league.  He was one of the world’s true gentlemen, a real friend and a pleasure to know.  I have never known him to lose his temper or to say a bad word to anyone!  He was also the most awesome dominoes players i have ever come across.


Rest in peace now Gene.  We will always remember you xx


Gene, you are now in a better place.  We may not understand why you had to go and we may feel its not fair.  To Genes family and his loved ones.  My thoughts are with you all and i wish you strength to be able to deal with this big loss.


The eyes might forget, the picture might fade but the heart remembers forever.

Your kindness made me feel good.
Your fairness impressed me.
Your humour made me laugh heartily.

You will never be forgotten.



Cindy Farley

(Gene's sister)

Posted 5th June 2006

My brother, Gene, went to be with his Lord and Savior this afternoon.


We accept that he is in a better place and do not grieve except for our loss.  Please pray for his family.  Thank you for your continued prayers.


Love to all, Cindy Farley

Posted 5th June 2006

For those of you who are unaware, recently Gene was diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread to his spine.


He was doing well until yesterday.  Gene was taken to Methodist Emergency last night for respiratory failure.


Below are some details ...


Right now his condition has not improved nor gotten worse but the hospital staff has had to up the meds for him to stay alive.  He is on a breathing machine and in long lengthy terminology they have told Sally (Gene's wife) and Lori (his daughter) that Gene's body is shutting down ...  He had respiratory failure at home and EMS took him to the Methodist Hospital.  The doctor stated that it is pneumonia.  He said between the next 12-24 hours are critical.  For what Gene has already been through pneumonia is life threatening to him right now.


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