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Something4Everyone February Newsletter

Greetings members!

We hope your first month of the year was successful and productive. As every month, we bring to you the league's news. We would also like you to welcome our newest newsletter editor crookedpreacher_killa (Tim).

News for February: * St. Valentine's 2007
* Give-Aways
* Monthly Poll
* February’s Birthdays
* Important Dates
* Top TDs of January
* Top Winners of January
* Voice Your Opinion

St. Valentine's Pards

To celebrate St. Valentine's Day, on February 14, TDs will be encouraged to make pard tourneys throughout the day. Also, at 4/5pm a TD will host a St. Valentine's Day Special Pards Tourney. We encourage the teams for this special tourney to be male/female since the winning "couple" will be featured in the league's main page for a month.

Give-Away Tourneys

Every month our TDs try to develop a variety of tourneys to keep members entertained, and January was not the exception. In January, our members were given the opportunity to play in two unique tourneys. Firstly, on January 23, thanks to the generous donation of crazytexan57, yicannette1955 was able to gift a two month Gold membership, which cali.crazytown was the recipient of. Also, on January 27, mrbigdogmk hosted an invitation tourney only for members with 1000 bux or less. Army_girl_laura05 the winner of mrbigdogmk's special bux give-away tourney received 10,000 bux for winning the tourney. Members be alert because mrbigdogmk will be hosting more of these bux give-away tourneys in the near future. Congratulations Army_girl_laura05 and cali.crazytown.

Monthly Poll

Free polls from
Please vote for your favorite game
6s 9s Cuban No Spinner Pards Wackies   


The Staff of Something4everyone wishes the following members a happy birthday.

February 3ed1bux
February 6pearl_dream
February 7ellebel3
February 12Haydoms
February 16Laloca_Carebear
February 18jayellcee40
February 24silmve
February 25steve_is_the_game_001
February 27Kiwi_III
February 28tu_ratoncita2008

You can also visit Something4Everyone’s Birthday Calendar to view other months and please add your birthdays to our league calendar so that we can celebrate with you.

Important Dates

Mark your calendars for the following events!

February 4Weekly TOC hosted by Gizmo_the_WiseGuy at 1/2pm
February 10Ultimate TOC hosted by xxrilanaxx2000 at 7/8am
February 11Weekly TOC hosted by lisaniteowl_uk at 4/5pm
February 18Weekly TOC hosted by nates_mommy at 8/9pm
February 24Tourney for Number 1 on Ladder hosted by Admin
January 25Weekly TOC hosted by mrbigdogmk at 7/8am

Please remember to check our Calendar daily for Champs.

Top TDs

Everyday, Tournament Directors (TDs) make their best effort to keep the league's calendar full, so we would like to recognize the top TDs of January:

blosssom_of_oz (136) some4me_some4u (109)
xxrilanaxx2000 (109) Gizmo_the_WiseGuy(103)
Haydoms (101) peter_wud (81)
the_evil_i_do(77) fudge_craze (76)
mrbigdogmk (74) yicannette1955 (48)

Top Players

Every month over 500 players compete in the tourneys hosted at Something4Everyone, so we would like to take this opportunity to recognize some of the top players of January:

Top Tourney Winner of January peter_wud (74)
Ultimate TOC Winner hosted by nates_mommy xx_0nly_me_xx
TOC Winner hosted by xxrilanaxx2000 mzlosangeles
TOC Winner hosted by crookedpreacher_killa jill15227
TOC Winner hosted by Smart_Lime moonflower1856
TOC Winner hosted by blosssom_of_oz mrbigdogmk

Voice Your Opinion

This monthly newsletter is to keep you informed of league news and special events, but also a way for members to express themselves. If you have any comments or suggestions or a writing piece you would like to share please contact Crooked (Tim) at or Gizzy (JC) at

If at any time you need assistance, feel free to contact any of the Something4Everyone Administrators or HTDs listed on main page

Have Fun in Femur!